This quirky one was originally written in F for the 5-string viola, then turned into a viola-violin duet that Ivy and I performed at her spring recital. I was never very happy with the violin part, and Ivy never warmed up to it. But I think it has potential as a quartet piece, paired up with a spooky cello-driven follow-up that I've already added a nice viola part to -- both in C minor with a dark shuffling rhythm. Themes: Halloween duality, creepiness and mortality, mischief and fun, quirky playfulness.
  • October (mp3) -- best recording from debut performance
  • Sept.17: finished all four parts, pretty rough, but enough for doing the notation: mp3
  • Aug.23: added cello to Part 1, borrowing the viola part from Part 2 -- that may be all that ties these together other than proximity.
  • Part 1: "treefortwo-viola-c" needs a new violin part added in a new key, probably loosely based on the original one.
  • Part 2: "spooky-groove" has some tempo issues -- everything after the first part needs to be sped up so it doesn't drag, and the violin parts will have to be sharper, higher, and punchier than the viola dirge...the key change is nice, but the pattern is too repetitive
  • Sept.17: done! score
  • Aug.20: haven't started

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