The Eastern European vibe in the middle of this one evokes a Hungarian wedding or something of that sort. I wonder if the viola part has watered that down too much, but maybe that's ok. To fit with Stutter, it would probably make sense to keep the speed up. There are some fast hammer-on sort of bits that are passed back and forth between the violin and viola that I don't want to lose when more gets added. Themes:
  • a valley of restless souls, everyone from elsewhere, sometimes mixing uneasily
  • exuberance and excess, drunken stumble
  • tempered happiness, anticipation of the main event

  • June (mp3) -- best recording from debut performance
  • Sept.17: mp3 is still pretty rough with all the parts, but good enough
  • Aug.23: doubled first violin part like a fiddle tune, added simple cello part...seems to be working.
  • Aug.18: mp3 has one pass through the first violin and viola parts. They feel pretty solid, and may not need to change much as the other two parts get added.


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