More of a jamming loop than a true song, but I'm still happy with my progress on this one. It started as my viola recital piece in 2009, and ended up turning out much mellower and more melodic than I had expected once the other three parts were added. The viola carries the main flow of the tune, with the violins offering meandering harmonies that shouldn't overwhelm. My favourite bit is when the viola stops and hands the main "riff" to the cello, both in the middle and in the ending.Themes:
  • lingering warmth and reflection on the summer, thankfulness
  • harvest, bounty, preparation for winter
  • new routines, learning for the future, goodbye to visitors

  • September (mp3) -- best recording from debut performance
  • 31 Knots (mp3)...currently only a minute and a half long, and will need to be re-recorded once the notation tweaking is done.
  • Final revised version: score
  • Aug.25: score

  • Aug.19...haven't started yet.

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