This started out as a solo viola piece in the summer of 2009, then morphed into a duet with Liz for my recital in June 2010 -- video of that performance here. It's a bit weird, starting in 6/8 with some slight tempo changes, then switching to 4/4 and racing until a slowdown for a melodramatic climax. Modifying this for quartet treatment hasn't been as easy or fun as I had hoped, yet I'm happy with where it has gone. In same ways it's my most accomplished piece. Themes: dark and cold, creative intensity, time for introspective exploration, new beginnings, reflective and forward-looking, hope...

  • January (mp3) -- best recording from debut performance.
  • Aug.23, file:"vienna-quartet", finished viola part, missing interlude that shouldn't be hard to add in notation...will all have to be re-recorded with proper timing.
  • Aug.18, file:"vienna-quartet", 2 minutes, both violin parts, cello part that needs work, no viola part yet. Removing the interlude before the final part was a mistake. Timing is terrible in this version, and overall too fast, but maybe good enough for notation guidance.
  • Original duet mp3 (two violins) still sounds ok and gives the basic flavour of the piece.

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