An upbeat, major-key fiddle tune, this one may not match the darker mood of the other pieces. However, I think it needs to stay -- primarily to mix things up in the set, and also to brighten up and balance the mood. This started as one of the first fiddle tunes I composed as I learned to play violin, and just recently became a duet to try with Ivy. I think it could be pretty rollicking and fun with all four instruments. Themes:
  • joy and hope, simplicity and comfort
  • coming alive, blossoms and colour
  • time speeding up

  • May (mp3) -- the best recording from the debut performance (same as video).
  • Aug.18 version: mp3, all four parts recorded in file name "cousins-quartet", and I'm happy with how they blend -- hoping that going through notation will work out the bugs in the structure of the song and make it longer without getting dull.
  • Aug.24: score here, all four instruments, about 2 minutes long in current form.

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